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Florida College Chorus
The Florida College Chorus is known throughout the United States for their dedication to excellence while giving engaging yet entertaining concerts.  For more than 70 years, the chorus has been the voice of Florida College.   The group’s recordings and performances have encouraged and uplifted listeners for decades. The Chorus performs a wide variety of music, both sacred and secular. The sacred songs are professionally recorded in the spring and are available on CD for purchase shortly thereafter. The group also hits the road every spring for a  weeklong, whirlwind tour to different parts of the country.

Chorus meets every weekday for college credit and advanced guidance under the direction of Dr. Jon Bassett who has been guiding the F.C. Chorus for 15 years.  Being in such an ensemble provides a great way to connect to other students, explore your love and talent for singing, and ultimately edify others and magnify God with your voice.

For more information about the Florida College Chorus, contact Dr. Jon Bassett at: