One of the most important contributions provided by the Fine Arts Department at Florida College, is the opportunity for self-expression, either individually or with others. The stimulation and enjoyment derived from the arts springs from study, self-examination and criticism, discipline, knowledge of other disciplines that bear upon artistic  interpretation, and a desire to achieve excellence.

       The Fine Arts at Florida College has three primary goals:
  • To be an artistic presence on the campus and to share the rich heritage of great music with students, faculty and community;
  • To expose students to and involve them with the creative process through the arts, to heighten students' sensitivity to them-selves and others, and to introduce them to a broad range of the arts;
  • To develop an understanding of the arts, impart knowledge of the arts and increase skills by means of courses offered within the framework of the liberal arts;​​ ​​

At Florida College, we offer the following  ensembles:

- Florida College Chorus

- Florida College Chamber Singers

- Florida College Wind Ensemble

- Florida College Jazz Band

- Florida College String Ensemble

- Pep Band

- Musical Pit Orchestra

We also offer private lessons on the following instruments:

"I knew coming into FC that I wanted to be involved with music while pursuing an ed-ucation in an almost opposite subject matter.  I loved seeing the interaction of those two fields so much, that when I learned I could minor in music, I immediately worked to accomodate it into my 4-year graduation track.  In fact, I now work with those very professors who made such an impact on me.  I'm now  taking the remaining coursesI needed to get a B.A. in Music."

-Melody Baughman ('15)
B.S. Liberal Studies with Minor in Music
Wesley Chapel, FL.

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Piano

  • Trumpet
  • French Horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba 
  • Flute
  • Opoe
  • Clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Saxophone
  • Percussion
  • Voice

Frequently Asked Questions:

​​ Do I need to be a major to participate?  Can freshmen be in ensembles? Can I have a part in a show?
No. Yes. Yes. Florida College ensembles and theatrical shows are open to everyone.  Students wanting to participate do need to audition, but we try to make that process as painless as possible. You can check out  information about auditions that will help to calm your nerves and prepare you to do the best job you can.  Actually, the larger ensembles have more non-majors than majors.

I think I'm a pretty good singer and I play an instrument as well.  Can I do both?
Of course you can.  Many of our students are in two and it is not uncommon to be in three ensembles at a time.  It is actually one of the perks of a smaller school, many more performance opportunities. We work very hard to not overlap any rehearsals or performances so that everyone can participate as much as possible.  This past year, a young lady in Chorus, Chamber Singers and Wind Ensemble had the lead in the musical.  Of course, you may need to cut down your FaceTime activites to under five hours a day but there are plenty of opportunities.

My parents believe I should limit my extra-curricular activities and spend my time studying.
There are numerous research studies tying participation in music and the arts to success in academics. Many students involved with the music program are members of Phi Beta Kappa.  Will you need to prioritize your time?  Of course you will and we will help you.  But, if all you wanted to do was go to class and study at night you could have saved yourself a lot of time and money and attended your local community college. It is astounding the number of non-music major alumni who were involved with the music program that consistently tell us how important music was and how the memories they experienced are priceless.

I don't plan on majoring in music.  Are there any scholorships available for me?  Can I take any class?
Yes.  Almost yes.  Although there are some awards just for majors, everyone can apply for instrumental, piano, string and vocal scholarships.  Go to our scholarship page for more information.  Most classes are open to all, but there are a few that are only for majors and minors, need an audition or need a pre-requisite.  Go to our list of classes for more information.

What is the audition process for chorus?
All the information you need can be found here .

How much time is required for the instrumental ensembles?
  • Wind ensemble calls for M/W/F rehearsals (one hour each) and jazz ensemble calls for T/R rehearsals (one hour each)
  • No individual playing exams or fundraising
  • We are also able to take two to four weeks off a semester!
  • Most band students typically make the dean’s list or honor roll.
  • Band members also have time to be involved in many other activities such as yearbook, chorus, Friends, drama, sports and cheerleading. Many are employed on or off campus.

What level of music do the bands play?

The literature we perform is consistent with that of most colleges, as many of the band members earned honors in high school, such as all-state or all-county. Much of the music we play has been performed and recorded by professional ensembles.

Does the College have instruments I can use?
  • The larger and more expensive instruments are furnished by the College at no expense.
  • Some smaller instruments are also available for students who do not own one or need an upgrade.
  • Reeds, oil, grease, mutes, sticks, etc. are also provided free of charge.

I haven’t practiced all summer. Will I have to try out?
Most students don’t play in the summer. After one or two weeks of rehearsing, band members are easily "back into shape." There is currently no audition to be in the bands, except for jazz ensemble rhythm section players.