Future Page of B.M.O.F.*

     If you'd like to combine your study of music with courses in another field of interest, consider working toward the music with an outside field degree, the B.M.O.F. (bachelor of music with elective study in an outside field). This degree program will enable you to prepare for both your chosen fields.
     This major is ideal for students whose interest is primarily in music, but who also have a strong desire to pursue a non-music area of study as well. Students in this major combine their music studies with either business, theater or psychology.  For instance, a bachelor's degree in music with an outside field in psychology is a popular combination that can prepare students for graduate study in music therapy. Music with an outside field in theatre combines a love of musical performance with an interest in theater production and musical theater. The most popular combination - music with an outside field in business - can be used for those interested in working in the music business industry or other business and music related fields. 

     A quick outline of the possible degrees are listed below.  This degree is in the process of being approved and certified.  The degrees should be implemented for the graduating class of 2019.

BMOF Music Combined with Business *
Bachelor of Music   plus the following courses:
  • Accounting ACG 2001 (3)
  • Intro to Business GEB 1011 (3)
  • Principles of Management MAN 3025 (3)
  • Principles of Marketing MAR 3023 (3)
  • Micro Economics ECO 2023 (3)
  • Statistics STA 2023 (3)

BMOF Music Combined with Psychology *
Bachelor of Music plus the following courses:
  • PSY 1012 General Psychology (3)
  • CLP 4143 Abnormal Psychology (3)
  • DEP 4054 Developmental Psychology (3)
  • PPE 4003 Psychology of Personality (3)
  • SOP 4004 Social Psychology (3)

BMOF Music Combined with Theater Arts *
Bachelor of Music plus the following courses:
  • MUH 3333 Music of Broadway (3)
  • TPP 1101 Acting Laboratory 1 (3)
  • MVV 1998 - 4999 Musical Theater Performance (4)
  • TPA 1925L Stage Production Lab (2-8)
  • TPA 1190L Stage Performance Lab (2-8)
Three hours from the following:
  • TPP 3102 Directing (3)
  • TPP 3101 Acting Laboratory 2 (3)

*Under review for implementation for the graduating class of '19