Chorus Auditions
Chorus Auditions

Florida College offers students the opportunity to audition for the Chorus on the Sunday afternoon and evening before classes begin. Auditions are open to all students regardless of their major. If you would like to audition, please sign up below or on the Chorus Room door, King 223.
What you can expect at your audition:

           •   First you will sight read the soprano, alto, tenor, or bass line of a hymn. You will have one minute to practice it on your    
                 own before you sing it for your audition.
           •   Then you will sing the melody of “This is my Father’s World” beginning on your choice of
either C (lower voices) or Eb
                 (higher voices).
           •   Finally you will hear a series of four to five notes played on the piano. You will sing them
back on a neutral syllable
                 (e.g. “la”) to test your tonal memory skills.
Audition packets with detailed instructions will be available when you
arrive on campus. Please contact the  Fine Arts Secretary  or  Dr. Jon Bassett if you have more questions.

We are looking forward to hearing you sing!

Chorus Audition Form
Auditions will be held on Sunday, August 20th