Tim Dow Wins Competition

Tim Dow Wins Composition Award
       Freshman Tim Dow comes to Florida College with awards in hand.  An accomplished cellist.... more

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    • President-David Cluff (Sr. Music Education)
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    • Secretary-Ellen Perkins (Soph. Music-Voice)
    • NAfME blurb: NAfME (National Associaton for Music Education) is a national organization designed to help professional educators continue in their development, both as musicians and teachers. The Florida College collegiate chapter offers students an opportunity to grow their abilities as music educators, in fun and useful ways. The jewel of each year is the Winter trip to the Florida NAfME convention, where students engage with professional educators in seminars and workshops, and culminates in attendance at All-State concerts in their field of choice.   
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      • President- Morgan Bingham
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      • Executive Assistant- Jesse Bingham
      • Secretary- Jenny West
      • Assistant to the House Manager- Sara Yeager
      • Historian- Jonathan Weller
      • Lead of Painting- Ethan Piner
      • Lead of Hair and Makeup- Elaine Green and Rebekah Sutherland
    • Blurb: Footlighters is a student organization designed to immerse students in the different fields of performing arts. Ranging from acting to production techniques, students learn the many facets that go into producing a show. There's something for everyone, from Acting to House Management to Film Production, students can find creative ways to express themselves.
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Tim Dow, a junior in the Florida College music program, has many awards at a young age.  In 2014, he......
"The life of the arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction in the life of a nation, is close to the center of a nation's purpose."
  -John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States (1917-1963)

"When I packed my car to come to Florida College, I didn't bother to pack my trumpet.  Four years in marching band practicing on hot asphalt in the Georgia summers was enough time spent playing.  Opening week at FC, Mr. Rainwater talked to me about playing in Wind Ensemble.  I told him that I had put in my time but his "gentle persuasion" (and a helpful scholarship) convinced me to play some more.  And, I'm so glad I did.  Although music is not my major, I've had so much fun in the King building and made so many friends.  My only regret was not bringing my trumpet down in my very packed car."

John Trumpet '14
Atlanta, Georgia

" I'm so happy that I decided to become a Vocal Major in the FC music department.  Eventually, I will go on to tell how wonderful Dr. Bassett and Mr. Moore are and how my life has been enriched by knowing them and all the music faculty."

Diana Romo ('17)
Rome, Georgia

"Coming to Florida College as a Business Major, I thought my cello days were in the past.  But, after finding out that I had played cello all through high-school, Dr. Bassett asked me to join the String Ensemble.  The extra scholarship money helped but, after playing all four years, I believe I would have done so for free.  I had so much fun!  It was a great break from my business classes and it reminded me of my love for music.  We were small, but we were dedicated and passionate.  I went on tour with the chorus, made so many friends from the music department and (did I mention) had so much fun!"

Andrea Violin'14
Dotham, Alabama
For those interested in theater as part of their study, we suggest one of the following degrees:

Jazz Band Live Stream 9/18
"I came to Florida College with the goal of stayine just two years, get my AA, take some music classes and then transfer to a college in Pennsylvania where I would get a degree in Music Therapy.  

Little did I know that, five years later, I would be helping teaching music in Tampa, helping with the FC Friends and be  married to the most wonderful lady I know - whom I met at Florida College.

My time here has been wonderful  Such opportunities, a faculty  know and care about you so much and an enviroment that strenghthend my walk with God.  When I've toured with "Friends", I never had a problem encouraging everyone I met to go to F.C."

Bryce Cline ('16)
Chatanooga, TN."

The following degrees our under review for accredidation:

B.M.O.F. Music Combined with Business *

B.M.O.F. Music Combined with Psychology *

B.M.O.F. Music Combined with Theater Arts *

Minor in Music with Theory Emphasis *

Minor in Music with Performance Emphasis *

Minor in Music with History Emphasis *

Minor in Musical Theater *

* Planned  implementation for the graduating class of 2019.
Music Technology (1)
Intro to Music Ed. (3)
String Techniques (1)

Minor in Music
 The following music classes will lead to a Minor in Music:

  • Music Theory & Aural Theory 1-2 (8)
  • ​Applied Lessons (4-8)
  • Music History (3)
  • Major Ensemble (2-8)
  • Music Electives (0-5)
  • Minimum of 22 hours total

Minors in the Works:

  • Minor in Music with Theory Emphasis *

  • Minor in Music with Performance Emphasis *

  • Minor in Music with History Emphasis *

  • Minor in Musical Theater *

* Planned  implementation for the graduating class of 2019.

"Florida College faculty and staff are, in essence, servants. We seek to facilitate spiritual, mental, social, an academic growth in the lives of students. For music students in particular, the educational journey in certain ways mimics the Christian life-- self-discipline, humble acceptance of instructionm and a constant striving for the good are some of the character traits that successful music students learn to embody. ALong with the rest of the FLorida College faculty and staff, I hope to inspire students to do everything to the glory of God and to seekHim first in their lives.

-Adam Booher, Professor
M.M in Piano Performance
Nashville, TN.