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Piano studies at Florida College equip the music student with the requisite skills to achieve their musical goals.  We believe that music is a gift from God, and we want everyone to be able to explore it. Whether you are a music major hoping to later attend a major conservatory, or a beginner who has always wanted to learn piano, now is your opportunity to enjoy the enrichment of piano studies.

For the advanced student, private piano lessons offer individual instruction, giving students the musical and technical tools they need to improve their performance skills.  Group piano classes offer functional keyboard skills that prove useful in many contexts, whether for enjoyment or profession. 

Piano students at Florida College have opportunities to perform in studio classes, recitals, competitions and community outreach. The most advanced students may be called upon to accompany, often receiving compensation. 
Incoming students seeking to major in piano must complete an audition*. Two or more pieces of contrasting styles, totaling at least 10 minutes of music, should be presented from memory during the audition. Students auditioning to major in piano will automatically be considered for piano scholarships. Musicians seeking to minor in piano or study piano privately will also be considered for piano scholarships upon application (click here ). For more information about the piano audition process, click here or contact Professor Adam Booher .
If you are unable to audition in person, approved remote audition formats are:*
(All digital copies must be saved as an mp4).
YouTube or Cloud Sharing platform

Students interested in auditioning for paid vocal or instrumental accompanying work should contact Professor Tim Moore or Professor Adam Booher .

A music theory placement exam will be given to all incoming music majors and students seeking to study music theory.  For more information, contact Professor Adam Booher or Professor Brian Rainwater .