Testimony Examples

"I knew coming into FC that I wanted to be involved with music while pursuing an ed-ucation in an almost opposite subject matter.  I loved seeing the interaction of those two fields so much, that when I learned I could minor in music, I immediately worked to ac-comodate it into my 4-year graduation track.  In fact, I now work with those very profes-
sors who made such an impact on me.  I'm even looking at taking the remaining courses
I would need to get a B.A. in Music.

-Melody Baughman ('15)
B.S. Liberal Studies with Minor in Music
Wesley Chapel, FL.

"I came to Florida College my freshman year as a music major but had so many problems that I came back my sophomore year as an undeclared major.  But, with the encouragement and help of the outstanding music faculty, I went back to music and finished on time with my degree.  If I had been at any other school, working with grad assistants and lost in big classes, I know I would have never had the opportunities and rewards I have come to cherish.  Not only did I get a solid music education, but so much practical experience and chances to perform.  I had the time of my life!"
-Jenny Camp-Clark ('06)
Arlington, TX.

Andrew Jonas ('16) graduated with a B.A. in Music after putting up some mighty big numbers while a student at F.C.  He had lead and principle roles in six musicals and plays, took first place in the NATS competition three times and was named Most Promising Student by TBNATS in 2016. "My time at F.C. was filled with so much learning - both in the class-room and in performance opportunities.  I believe I had a superior educational  experience and will for-ever be grateful for and a cheerleader of Florida College and hope to  send others to the school."
Andrew Jonas '16
Norfolk, Virginia

"When I packed my car to come to Florida College, I didn't bother to pack my trumpet.  Four years in marching band practicing on hot asphalt in the Georgia summers was enough time spent playing.  Opening week at FC, Mr. Rainwater talked to me about playing in Wind Ensemble.  I told him that I had put in my time but his "gentle persuasion" (and a helpful scholarship) convinced me to play some more.  And, I'm so glad I did.  Although music is not my major, I've had so much fun in the King building and made so many friends.  My only regret was not bringing my trumpet down in my very packed car."

John Trumpet '14
Atlanta, Georgia