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Is singing your passion? Do you want to teach in a school, give private lessons, maybe even perform on stage?  Or, do you just want a chance to sing in the chorus, or take lessons to improve your voice?  Whatever level you want to get involved with your voice, FC has something for you.

The Florida College Fine Arts Department offers two vocal ensembles. The Florida College Chorus has a rich tradition of quality concerts and beautiful recordings.  The Florida College Chamber Singers offer the chance to do smaller, more intimate works while striving for the highest choral quality.  These ensembles provide the setting for students to manifest good vocal technique while learning the discipline required to achieve excellence in a group.

Florida College also offers private lessons in voice. All students have the chance to study voice either in private lessons or in a Class Voice setting.  Students wishing to major or minor in music can apply as a voice major to follow a more disiplined course of vocal study, or non-majors can use Vocal Study to improve and investigate the potential of their voice.

Besides ensembles and private lessons, we have other ways for you to share your passion for singing.  Every year, there is at least one fully staged musical and either another musical or a concert version of a musical or revue.  Along with these shows are a wide array of concerts, recitals and special musical events.  Furthermore, every year, our best voice students compete in the various NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singers) competitions.