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So you want to be a music major, but you don’t want to teach in a school. And while you may be fantastically talented, let’s face it: there's little certainity of making it in the performance world. So you decide to settle for another major. Big mistake!

There are many misconceptions about the music major. Some say it’s an easy major. Others say you will never find work. But probably the largest misconception is that it is a major only for those interested in teaching or performing. And those who say that mean well, but are dead wrong.

Music is a versatile degree. Just ask music graduate [insert name]. They used their degree to go into music therapy. For those who haven’t heard much about it, music therapy is an emerging field in which music is used by a licensed therapist to address physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs.
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There are so many more career options. The following are just a few of the dozens of jobs* a music degree are useful towards:
Performance                                                         Music Education                                                                 Composition
Conducting                                                                    Music Curation                                                               Music Therapy
Media                                                                        Music Criticism                                                                    Clinician
Concert Promoter                                                  Music Event Coordinator                                        Front of house Engineer
Location Sound Engineer                                                   Lyricist/Songwriter                                                            Music Attorney
Music Librarian                                                                Music Supervisor                                                                    Piano Tuner
Private Music Teacher                                                  Record Producer                                                              Session Musician
Arts Administration                                                        Music Technologies                                                          Audio Engineer
Artists and Repertoire field                                                        Accompanist                                                           Music Agent
Music App Development                                                    Music arrangement                                                             Artist Manager
Broadcast Engineer                                                       Jingle Composer                                                                  Music Engraving
Instrument Sales                                                              Licensing administrator                                                  Mastering Engineer
Mixing Engineer                                                                    Musicologist                                                                                Orchestrator
             Publicist Publisher                                                         Music Sales Representative                                                              Sound Recordist

As you can see, it is entirely possibly to be gainfully employed with a music degree following career paths outside of performance or teaching.

Music proves to be a versatile degree, which has applications in many fields. So for those of you interested in pursuing a music degree, don’t let the nay saying of those around you keep you from pursuing your passion. Your passion can turn into a very rewarding and stable career. It’s like any other degree. Research and know your options, know your interests, and a music degree can help you find the career path for you.

*taken from http://musicschoolcentral.com/can-music-degree-70-careers-salaries-revealed/ 70+ career options for the music major